Dedicated to making every live experience as unique and memorable as possible. QTP are specialists in striking an emotional connect with audiences. We have a wealth of experience across multiple media. We are rooted in the theatre. We know how to make an audience smile, gasp, applaud, stand. From the typeface on the invite, to the colour of the handkerchief in the emcee’s pocket, to the goody bag at the end of the evening, and everything in between, we care more for your brand.

Because that is our brand.


Depending on the nature of the event, we offer a wide variety of services from conceptualisation, to script writing, casting, to emcee coaching, to set/light/branding/venue design, product revelation, to logistics execution.

QTP is happy to collaborate with partner agencies, as well as work as a stand alone event company.

  1. Product launches
  2. Press conferences
  3. Awards Ceremonies
  4. Employee engagements
  5. Festival management
  6. Conceptualising and Creating Arts Properties
  7. Workshops
  8. Script writing
  9. Lighting design
  10. Corporate films